Space. Line. Color. Form. Each is fundamental to the feel, function, and personal expression in a living space. Texture is also integral, and must be considered even if its function is not always obvious.

You can use texture to personalize a space. For example, if a client requests a white-on-white living room, but has a warm and fun personality, then you can employ playful, soft textures in the design to reflect the nature of the client.

Some textural pieces might include a fluffy white throw across the back of the couch, a three-dimensional white art installation on the wall, a white vase with calla lilies on a side table, and a white floor rug so shaggy that every footstep sinks to the ankle.

About the author: New York-based designer Terrie Koles is experienced in finding creative solutions to fit her clients’ needs. Koles’ background in fine art and commercial art direction influences her creation of unique interiors.