Interior designer Terrie Koles heads her own design and art advisory firm and combines a strong sense of aesthetics with a wealth of academic and professional experience in fine art and advertising. Her flair for design enables her to design creative interiors in keeping with clients’ needs, vision, and budgetary constraints.

One of the most striking trends in interior design in 2013 involves the use of monochromatic color schemes in order to create a dramatic interior space. Although monochrome has the potential to look flat and boring compared to the “pops of color” that are typically used to enliven rooms, innovative use of textures, natural materials, and lighting can showcase solid colors with a lot of flair. Highly polished surfaces, beautifully lacquered and polished wooden furniture, and the judicious use of metal accents will shine under the right lighting. Industrial lighting has recently become a popular feature in interior decor. The contrast between the heavy metals and pipes used to make chandeliers and lamps and the soft, diffused lighting they provide make a monochrome space look both creative and approachable.