Trying to find the hottest trends in home furnishings? Look no further than your backyard. Designers all over the country have been fascinated by the increasingly softened divide between interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by the outdoors, many have created collections of nature-inspired furnishings and themes. Floral and animal prints, rustic Western and Native American designs, and warm wooden elements have been integrated in spaces created by the industry’s hottest designers.

Bringing the outdoors back inside coincides with a continued communal interest in vintage styles, with a focus on expressing eco-friendly living through upcycled furniture and handmade authenticity. Instead of too-hip minimalism, which dominated the interior design world for years, current designs trend toward individualized style with well-curated crafted goods. Current trends incorporate warm, raw colors that reflect the natural world, such as earthy greens and subtle burgundies.


About Terrie Koles:
With experience as a creative director for Madison Avenue advertising agencies and a painter studying with New York and European masters, Terrie Koles offers clients fresh approaches to interior design. At Terrie Koles Design, LLC, she collaborates with clients in order to create exciting spaces with superior utility and style.