With an art education that includes an MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art, Terrie Koles has dedicated her life and career to art. She currently manages her own interior design business, as well as a fine art advisory service.

Modern technologies and techniques sometimes seem to challenge the traditional definition of fine art, rendering it more difficult to distinguish fine art from other art. Historically, fine art involved mediums such as sculpture and painting, and it often took years to complete a single work, created with great care by masters who had trained for years in their field. Thus it belonged to the sphere of a few distinguished persons. Now, however, the modern world allows greater leisure time and access to training and materials, which means that the number of artists has increased.

Philosophers throughout the centuries have discussed the problem of what constitutes fine art. Defining it as encompassing any work of art created principally for its aesthetic appeal and not for any utilitarian function may still leave room for debate, but it offers a certain ability to categorize art without falling back on mere personal taste.