Before setting out on her own as an interior designer, Terrie Koles enjoyed a career as an art director and creative director for several of New York City’s most respected advertising agencies, notably BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Deutsch, and Hill Holiday. Some of the many client companies for which she created campaigns include the Swedish home furnishings company IKEA, Entertainment Weekly, Oneida Silversmiths, the British Tourist Authority, and Visa Gold. Terrie Koles imbued each campaign with originality, giving clients their own voices without imposing her own personality on them, a quality that quickly made her a sought-after talent on Madison Avenue. Her artistic and creative design work won awards and was featured in many trade journals such as Communication Arts, Ad Age, and Archive Magazine, as well as general interest publications like Newsday magazine. One writer mentioned that Terrie Koles’ portfolio, published in its entirety in Art Direction Magazine, appeared to have “been art directed by several different people…no two campaigns were alike.”

Trained in fine art in Florence, Italy, as well as at a number of well-respected schools in the US, Terrie Koles earned her MFA in Painting from the New York Academy of Art, where she studied under such icons as Vincent Desiderio, Jenny Saville, and Eric Fischl. She continues to paint, and many of her works have been displayed in American and European galleries.

After more than a decade in advertising, she established her own firm, Terrie Koles Design, LLC, providing interior design services and fine art advice to her clients in New York City. Other than a commitment to quality, integrity and transparency, no single feature defines Koles’ work: as she did when working in advertising design, she executes original concepts that are totally reflective of her clients. Accepting assignments of all sizes, she has designed large and small apartments, studios, and lofts, as well as single-family houses. Among Terrie Koles’ recent projects are a 1-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, a West Village duplex, a triplex in Tribeca, and a single-family home, over 100 years old, on Long Island.

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